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Massachusetts Career and Educational Counselor
Nicole Precourt, Owner
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Norton, MA

Providing Career and Educational Counseling since 2006

Deciding on the next steps after high school is the most pivotal time of a young adult's life, and they shouldn't have to do it alone. My services introduce clarity, reflection and motivation to align students and young professionals with their goals. Regardless of where they are in their career journey, they may not know what's next for them, where to start, or how to get there. My focus is a holistic, whole-person approach, taking time to get to know each person and understanding their motivation, personality, interests, values, and goals. I guide parents, high school students and young professionals through the career exploration and career readiness process, so they are able to feel confident, excited and informed about the future!

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Working with your background to best equip you or your child for the next steps in the career journey.

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Your teen is struggling with the decision about what to do after high school. You want to help, but don't know where to start. I provide guidance about the next steps empowering and motivating teens to understand themselves and how that equates to a future!

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Graduation is happening soon, or maybe it already did. You still don't have a plan and feel more stressed out each day. Let me help you to learn more about yourself and explore career options that could be a good fit for you, and how to get there!

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Young Professionals

College graduates and young professionals, you did all the things you were supposed to do. But now what's next? I'm here to help you gain the confidence and skills to get you job ready with skills that will last a lifetime!

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Nice to meet you, I'm Nicole!

As far back as I can remember, I've had an interest in what people do for a living. My favorite book when I was little was the Berenstain Bears, "Jobs around Town". I have always had such an interest in learning about people and why they chose certain careers. If I meet someone for the for the first time, or if I'm making small talk waiting in line at Target, one of the first things I typically ask about someone is about their profession and their path to that point. It's kind of like how you the car you drive says a lot about you, so do your career choices.

For the last 17 years I've worked in the college world as a Career Counselor, Academic Advisor, and Admissions Counselor. During that time, I saw a huge gap in the support of our young adults getting the strong foundation they need to learn more about themselves and how that equates to their next steps after high school. There is so much time spent focusing on standardized testing and college preparation, there is little time left to focus on educating and informing each student on the variety of options after high school. As a society we are so focused on the college for all mentality, we are not setting our kids up for success. Unfortunately, that quite often leads to a high level of stress and anxiety for parents and students, as quite often these decisions don't come easily to high school students.

In Summer of 2022 I decided to re-shift my focus away from the college world and utilize my experience and skillset to open up Waves of Change Careers to bridge the gap. My mission is to support young adults to better understand themselves and feel empowered and informed to make informed decisions about their future. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!
“Nicole has been such an amazing resource to help guide me in the job search after graduating college. Without her guidance I feel like I would not be as prepared and confident to apply to jobs by myself. Not only is Nicole good at what she does but she is positive, kind, motivating, and patient throughout the entire process. If you are either graduating college or figuring out your next step in life to talk/meet with her because she will be able to help you figure out your career goals and create a plan to help you achieve them."

Alexa L.

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