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Supporting parents and students in the steps after high school since 2006.


As a parent, you want your child to be happy and make good decisions. Know that you've done a great job raising them, allow yourself to take a step back to empower them. It is so important to maintain the trust with your child, especially when stress and anxiety levels are through the roof. Allow me to be the neutral party that can navigate the next steps after graduation with your child.


When working with high school students, and young adults, there are a variety of ways that they can be supported and guided. All offerings are available in-person and virtual.

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Career Exploration Program

This program is designed for the young adult who wants to focus on career exploration and take a deep dive into learning more about themselves and how that equates to their future career and/or educational path. Whether that is applying to colleges, learning about other educational or training options, or a job. I will work with your child one-on-one to personally guide them and develop their professional, vision, mission and outline concrete steps to move forward.

  • 60-minute Individual sessions on Zoom or in-person (or a combo)

  • Career Exploration Workbook with weekly homework assignments

  • Interest, Personality, Skill, and Values Assessments with personalized review

  • Self-Reflection and Mindset

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Payment plan available

4-week Basics Program with 3 individual sessions - $625

Ideal for a college student who has an idea of what they want to be doing but needs some additional support to decide on a major or support to work through and learn about options.

6-week Standard Program with 5 individual sessions - $875

Ideal for a high school student, graduate or college student who isn't really sure about what they want to be doing or where to start but has some basic ideas of options or is already in college and/or work experience.

9-week Intensive Program with 8 individual sessions - $1200

Ideal for a high school student or graduate who has no idea what they want to do after graduation, or where to start and needs intensive support.


Self-Paced Online Program 

Ideal for a high school student or graduate who has a busy schedule and is self-motivated. Click here to learn more.

Career Ready Program

This program is designed for early career professionals who have either graduated college feeling stuck in the job search process. A young adult who is looking for a new job or looking to get into the workforce and want to get support on how to take the next steps.

My goal is to provide life-long skills and confidence so that this foundational knowledge will be transferable for the duration of your child's career.

  • 60-minute Individual sessions via Zoom or in-person (or a combo)

  • Cover Letter and Resume Review

  • LinkedIn profile creation and/or optimization

  • Job search skills

  • Interview preparation skills

  • Career Readiness Workbook

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Payment Plan Available


4-week Basics Program with 3 individual sessions - $625

Ideal for someone who already has work experience, a resume, and has an idea of where they want to be going but needs some additional guidance.

6-week Standard Program with 5 individual sessions - $875

Ideal for someone who has a basic resume and some work, volunteer or internship experience but needs support on how to put that all together to be a confident job seeker!

9-week Intensive Program with 8 individual sessions - $1200

Ideal for someone who doesn't have much work experience of any kind and needs a lot of support navigating the job search process and identifying skills that they bring to the table.

Individual Sessions

This option is for people who want the utmost flexibility and have set objectives that they want to work on each session.


Each session may used for any career and/or college or educational counseling service(s).

  • Guidance on finalizing a major

  • Support on transferring colleges

  • Making a final decision about what college to attend

  • Knows what field they want to go into, but needs support finding training programs or a college

  • How to apply to various educational programs

  • Resume or Cover Letter Review

  • Interview Preparation

  • Job Search Tips and Tricks

Session Options

Each Session is 60 minutes

1 Session: $150 

3 Sessions: $427.50 (5% discount)

5 Sessions: $675 (10% discount)

8 Sessions: $1020 (15% discount)

Payment Plan Available!

*Note: these sessions do not come with a workbook or

Certificate of Completion

Accepting Venmo, Credit Card, and Cash. Payment Plan available.

Does this sound like your child?

  • A high school junior or senior stressed out because they aren't sure if college is right for them but feels like they are letting themselves down if they don't go to college.

  • A high school senior that's about to graduate but has no plan after high school.

  • Started college, but quickly realized it wasn't the right fit for them, now back home and feeling lost.

  • Gap year student after high school graduation, yet still stuck on what to do next.

  • Graduated a few years ago, working, but still no clear direction.

  • Graduated college, but unsure about how to find a job or lacking the confidence to do so.

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