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Attention college students (and parents)...What is Academic Coaching and how can it help you?

The "official" definition is: an advising approach that pushes the student to reflect and act on the range of goals, interests, and passions available in higher education.

Now is the time reality may be setting in for anyone starting college for the first time or returning after summer break. College has such a reputation to be the time of your life that you "find yourself" and what you want to do with your life, or if you did well in high school, you'll excel in college. Is that always how it works? NOPE, far from it in fact.

Why is that? One HUGE pattern I noticed, was when a student felt confident with their major and had a goal in mind, they were more likely to be successful in their classes....they have their end game in sight and it drives them (or as I say, gives them that fire in their belly ).

During Academic Coaching sessions I can help to support you on the transition from high school to college and what it takes to do well in college. Perhaps it's accountability, or some guidance about how to navigate certain situations, maybe you've found yourself at a college that just isn't the right fit for you. Believe me, after 16 years of supporting students in colleges, I have seen it all!

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