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Academic and College Advising

Building the foundation for success


Certified Appreciative Advisor

University Building

Setting up the pathway for success in college begins well before stepping foot on campus for your first semester. The transition from high school to college is a significant milestone in your academic journey, and it is crucial to ensure that you are adequately prepared for this transformative experience.

If the transition to college feels overwhelming, if you're seeking guidance on how to pave the way for success, or if you require support during the process of transferring to another college, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how I can best support you in your journey.

Areas of support available:

  • Transition from high school to college and what to expect

  • Setting yourself up for success in college (time management, campus services, academic rigor)

  • Struggling in college, and feeling stuck, what's next?

  • On Academic Probation or deficiency, failed or dropped out of college and don't know what your options are

  • Transfer advising (how to search, where to apply, application process/requirements)

  • Transcript evaluations 

Individual Sessions

Designed specifically for clients seeking maximum flexibility and personalization, this option empowers you to establish specific objectives to focus on during each session. I recommend scheduling a free consultation so we can make a plan to see what the best option is for you based on your goals.

Available in-person or virtually

60 minutes session: $165 

90 minutes session: $225

Accepting Venmo, Credit Card, and Cash. Payment Plan available.

Over 30% of college students do not graduate, and almost 25% of freshmen drop out. Set yourself up for a successful transition.

I honestly probably couldn't have done this without you keeping me on track and helping me and checking in with me, so thank you so much for all the help!


How to get started

Accepting Venmo, Credit Card, and Cash. Payment Plan available.

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