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Navigating the Tough Job Market: Strategies for Success

The job market is tough right now. Just a few years ago, on average it was only taking 3-6 months to secure a job, now it's averaging 6+ months to get a job. Obtaining a job more than ever is also about who you know, it is said that up to 80% of job offers are happening from who you know!


What does this mean if you're looking for a job?


Start early. Do not wait until last minute to start your search. It takes time in this market to find a job, so you need to allot that time for yourself so you're not feeling desperate, discouraged or in a negative headspace. If you have your blinders on and are just worried about getting a job and a paycheck, that is also the energy that you're giving off and you want to exude confidence.


Network, network and network more! Utilize LinkedIn by reaching out to people who have jobs that interest you, send them a note and ask if they'd be willing to connect. If they do, then reach out again and ask if they'd have 15 minutes to chat with you about their role and career journey. While this may not always lead directly to a job, it's establishing your network and showing you care. I also HIGHLY recommend doing some research and finding professional organizations that you can join that are relevant to your profession...find your people and ask questions.


Quality over quantity. So often I have people tell me that they've applied to over 100 jobs and haven't heard back at all. I would rather see someone spend time applying to each job instead of sending blanket resumes and cover letters to a bunch of job. Guess what? So would companies! Just like you don't want to be just a number to them, they want the same from you! They want to know you have targeted their company and care. I always recommend adjusting each cover letter and resume before applying, take time to get to know the company by looking at their website and social media accounts.


Stay organized during your search. Always make sure to keep track of what you've applied to and when in some way. This can mean simply emailing jobs to yourself to keep track of what you've applied to and when (as well as the job description)...the last thing you want is get called back for an interview and forget what the job entails). You can even create a Google Sheet/Excel file of what you've applied to and when so it's visually organized.


Follow-up! If you've applied to a job that you really like and haven't heard back from them (assuming there was no disclaimer on the job posting), follow-up with them! Check in and ask if they need anything else from you, ask about the status of the job. Sometimes this can be a test for you to see how much you care. In this job market you need to be doing things to set yourself apart from others. 

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