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Fall reminds us that change can be a good thing!

Lately I've noticed many people are simply burnt out. From their jobs, from the rigor of their classes, they're just spent. This fall seemed to hit many harder than other years, getting back to the daily hustle and bustle of what fall brings for many of us...back to school, back to busy family schedules, break from vacations.


Fall is also the season of change. It is time to MAKE THAT CHANGE that you've been talking about forever. It can totally be scary to think about making a change, but you deserve to be happy! Whether it's the stress of yourself or a child trying to select a college major or the realization that the college that your child selected wasn't the right one (uh oh, now what right?), or that job that you are just miserable at and leaves you completely unfulfilled.


Take that time for YOU to make those changes and take that LEAP! 


It is important that I practice what I preach, which is that change and being out of your comfort zone is where growth happens! That was one of the many reasons that I left my job in June 2022 to pursue my own business full-time. If I'm asking others to take a leap of faith, I expect the same from myself.


This month I took on a new endeavor to start teaching at a local college! It's very part-time do not worry; it doesn't impact my availability to work with clients at all. BUT what can be new and scary can also be exciting, pushing you to learn more and understand things in a different way. You get what you put into it...that phrase may ring a bell to some of my clients, since I say that a lot!


If you're wanting to make a change or feeling stuck, that's my jam! I help you to understand yourself and how your personality, interests, natural abilities and values all can mesh together to allow you to have that sweet spot of the perfect plan after high school, college major or job!

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