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Why Waves of Change?

You would think when you're starting your own business, a name would be easy to come up with, right? WRONG HAHA! When I first decided to start my own career coaching business, I knew I needed a busines name, and not just my own name...something unique but meaningful.

I have always been drawn to the ocean, and for some reason there is something about the ocean in the evening that tugs at my soul. Perhaps it's childhood memories of being at the beach with my family in the evenings when the daytime crowd was gone and it was just us running around, flying kites, playing with cousins, climbing up on the lifeguard chairs...having fun and being free. But I KNEW that I needed a name that had to do with the ocean.

When I saw this quote, it had so much meaning. You think you have things planned out for yourself and know what you want. But sometimes things change beyond your control and you know in your heart of hearts that you need to make a change (BELIEVE me, easier said than done, I GET IT).

Life is not always going to go as planned, tides change and things go in different directions. You can't stop the waves from happening, but you can learn to move with them. They may not take you in the direction you had planned, but they will take you exactly where you are meant to be (Bryan Anthony).

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, right? That is where the CHALLENGE happens, that is where the GROWTH happens. It's okay not to be stagnant and take chances. Sometimes you will fail, and sometimes you will go further than you ever imagined. But unless you try, how do you know?

I imbed this when working with my clients, I want them to focus on their mindset, their personal growth and reflection. We all need that. It's learning more about WHO you are as a person and WHAT will make you happy, then how does that equate to a profession.

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